Hygiene is an ESSENTIAL factor in the treatment’s success.

Should be avoided: too crunchy food (e.g. toasted bread, pizza), or sticky (e.g. chewing-gum, toffees) or too fibrous (asparagus).





Moreover, one must after each meal (when possible) use a special “orthodontic” toothbrush. One can also use small brushes, preferably the slimmest and softest ones.

NEVER USE DENTAL FLOSS, since the braces are all tied to an orthodontic wire that will be changed regularly by the orthodontist depending on progress seen in the mouth. This wire would be in the way of the dental floss.

But, the use of a timer (3 minutes) can prove useful, because brushing an orthodontic device takes more time and precision.

Also useful is to check the brushing with the help of a plaque disclosing tablet, which will point out the areas which have to be rebrushed.

Finally, it is recommended to use, when possible, a “dental jet” (available in pharmacies), sprayed at low speed to help cleansing and to massage the gum by adding a little bit of mouthwash. We provide, as soon as the device is installed, a special kit containing what is necessary to help the patient getting used to the brushing material.